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Published Ultra Low Power Wired Field-bus

We have published the principle of the ultra low power field-bus technology in the magazine of Electronics Maker. The article can be found following this link.

Earlier we have published parts of this information in various locations:

We are going to show a demonstration of the features at the fair of Embedded World. Our stand is located at Hall 4 / 4-682.

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Energy Consumption by Wired Internet of Things

This year (2017) I had need to think about possibilities to make wired Internet of Things (IoT) network for ~100 devices in one installation. During looking for possible existing solutions I have seen that wired IoT is kind of forgotten. Wired IoT with existing communication protocols is going to have issue- energy consumption. Today the assumption is that amount of communicating devices in a system is below 60. IoT in its essence will increase it easily to 1 million.  Continue reading Energy Consumption by Wired Internet of Things

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Estonian Internet of Things Association

We are part of starting nonprofit association for Internet of Things (IoT). The grounding meeting was held on 04. October in TTU Mectory. The purpose for the association is to leap forward the IoT services, development, tools and availability in Estonia to increase efficiency, productivity, cost and ecology saving.

Continue reading Estonian Internet of Things Association