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TauBus Local Area Architecture

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We have codenamed our Ultra Low Power Wired Internet of Things Network as “TauBus”. About the novelty of the Physical Layer data messaging you can read from our other posts and news.

This article describes big picture about how we see the TauBus is used in IoT system and how the data is connected into internet infrastructure. Following drawing depicts generic view of the actors in the network.

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Translating JavaScript WebApp with GetText

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GNU GetText is very powerful tool for translation of applications. Entire Linux world is using it. The tool-set includes original text changes tracking, automatic translations and more. Several user interfaces are available to make translation work faster. Programmers have very solid and understandable way to write original texts into code like this:

  the_need: _("I want an red apple")

The tools will collect this into translation intermediate file looking for the special function _() from the code with translatable strings. The intermediate file is text file and looks like this:

#: ../source/app_account.js:15
msgid "I want an red apple"
msgstr ""

where msgid is the original text and msgstr is translated string. GetText for C/C++ and other compiled languages is going to order the msgid text in ascending order so that the translation can be found using binary search algorithm and is taking least possible time.

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Energy Consumption by Wired Internet of Things

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This year (2017) I had need to think about possibilities to make wired Internet of Things (IoT) network for ~100 devices in one installation. During looking for possible existing solutions I have seen that wired IoT is kind of forgotten. Wired IoT with existing communication protocols is going to have issue- energy consumption. Today the assumption is that amount of communicating devices in a system is below 60. IoT in its essence will increase it easily to 1 million.  Continue reading Energy Consumption by Wired Internet of Things

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Product Idea Evaluation.

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Many times we find that there is a tool missing in our everyday life. Then at one point we think something like “Great, I’ll invent this tool and start selling it and my life will be full of sunshine and success“. At this point great work usually starts.

When we are thinking to start with a product, there are many things to evaluate before putting expensive time and other resources to work. In following I will explain a simple skeleton of actions and considerations. Continue reading Product Idea Evaluation.

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Time Tracking

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In order to figure out expenses, in many projects and production lines there is need for measure actual time spent for specific tasks. Human brain is not designed to measure time exactly. When we think back how long we have been performing a task, our brain tends to forget many aspects and activities and imagine those as one activity. So, we are about to estimate the time needed in future to be less than it actually will be.

Tauria Task Timer is convenient tool for measuring actual time spent for activities. The measurements can be used to estimate time reservation needs. Continue reading Time Tracking