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Constant Air-Flow Tunnel

This is air-flow reference measure device. It keeps steady airflow through the tunnel and updates the flowrate 2 times in second. Value is shown on graphical LCD display with backlight. With this device you can:

  • Verify that your anemometers are fit to work.
  • Train new employees to perform real air-flow measurements on field.
  • Tune your air-flow measurement performance.

The device can be placed on floor, on table or mounted on to the wall. Different measurement point options are available: by default we make 2 perpendicular holes with diameter of 10mm.

Attribute Value
Maximum dimensions L x W x H: 3 m x 45 cm x 73 cm
Maximum average air speed: 7.6 m/s;* (20 m/s with booster add).
Calibrated range for dia 160mm: 0.69–8.29 m/s *
Reading precision: 5% from reading
Calibrated temperature range: 10–40 oC
Calibrated air pressure range: 900–1100 hPa
Sampling interval: ~0.5 s
Power supply: AC 240 V 50 Hz

*) The calibration will cover booster speed range. Booster is additional fan and pipework for reaching higher airflow speeds.

Control and value unit does show air-flow in following units:

  • m3/h – cubic meters in hour,
  • L/s – liters in second,
  • m/s – average speed meters in second.

Reference anemometer is calibrated to show volmetric airflow: m3/s or L/s. The calculation into average speed is done taking into account that the  effective air tunnel diameter is 160mm. When constructing into front of the tunnel a pipe with smaller diameter, then inside that pipe corresponding air speed is higher. When the effective air tunnel diameter is higher, then the corresponding average air speed is lower than shown on display. We can help you to calibrate the display unit to show average speed for your particular tunnel.

Air speed inside tunnel depends on the distance of measurement point. Near the walls air almost stands still and in the middle should be highest. In real system, the airflow is not symmetric either. This reference tunnel resembles real system and shows accurate average speed or airflow volume.

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3 thoughts on “TRAMFS160

  1. Customer comment: “I have tested the airflow precision with our device and the difference became 1.3%. This device seems to be trustworthy. When we would need such a device, then it is good to know from where to get it.

  2. Customer comment: “We verified precision of our anemometer and measurer. On this tunnel we got higher results with our tool than shown on the tunnel. From this we decided that our measurer needs to perform some practicing.

  3. We are using the airflow tunnel at Testing Centre, University of Tartu for carrying out interlaboratory comparison of ventilation parameters. This airflow tunnel enables to select air flow-rates accurately. So when fitted with a suitable bench it is used as a reference instrument for checking how well participants of the interlaboratory comparison can measure air flow rate using the funnel method.
    This airflow tunnel is also used to offer participants the opportunity to get immediate feedback about their skills about measurement of air flow-rates in ducts after they have carried out the measurements on the main ductwork of the interlaboratory comparison.
    Besides other activities, Testing Centre, University of Tartu maintains and develops Estonian reference standards of air velocity and air humidity and offers calibration service to customers.

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