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Impeller Anemometer TRAM160

Precision impeller anemometer TRAM160 measures airflow inside circular duct with inner diameter of 160mm. Every anemometer will be calibrated before delivery. This device is useful for measuring precisely air-flow inside ventilation channel. The device contains:

  • Anemometer.
  • Communication wire with length 3 m.
  • Value reading and conversion device.
  • Manual.
  • Calibration certificate.
  • Case.
Attribute Value
Maximum dimensions L x W x H: 300 mm x 160 mm x 260mm
K coefficient : 15.9 +/- 1.6 L/s*Pa^-0.5
Calibrated range for diameter 160mm: 0.69–8.29 m/s
Calibrated range: 16–166 L/s
Reading precision: 5% from reading
Calibrated temperature range: 10–40 oC
Calibrated air pressure range: 900–1100 hPa
Sampling interval: ~0.5 s
Power supply: Internal NiMh battery with USB charging
Straight duct before & after: 500 mm

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1 thought on “TRAM160

  1. We have fitted two calibrated impeller anemometers inside the main ductwork that is used for interlaboratory comparison of ventilation parameters. The anemometers enable to measure the reference air flow-rates in the supply and exhaust parts of the ventilation system (main ductwork). Participants of the interlaboratory comparison can measure air flow-rates via duct method and via pressure differences over air terminal devices.
    Besides other activities, Testing Centre, University of Tartu organizes interlaboratory comparisons and trainings for persons who measure ventilation and indoor climate parameters.

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