For new projects, we have template application available that implemented in library form does include:

  • State pattern: state engine for reflecting current nature conditions, implement delay handling and parallel processing of different state threads. As sample it is used as core of single stack cooperative kernel.
  • Command pattern: event system for making different application modules to exchange information when the information will become available, to schedule protocol handling, to implement script like situational dependent execution of actions.
  • Monochrome graphical library optimized to use 32 bit arithmetic operations for fast box drawing, line drawing, sprite drawing, fast binary search through sprite-font collection. UTF-8 font support. All drawing is made into sprite which ultimately will be drawn onto the LCD. Drawing can draw or erase dots on sprite.
  • EEPROM handling using state pattern for data storage.
  • UI buttons handling, button press, keep down and release events.
  • ModBus data model creation with convenient macros.
  • And many more.

We can provide this software to you together with timed support service.


  • GraDisLibUG.PDF(368 kB)2016-12-02 -- This file describes main usage of GraDisLib.