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Customer’s Feedback to our Consultancy Service

Permobil / Per Larsson:

Peeter was in the project between 2018-03-12 and 2020-04-30.

He was throughout this period mainly working with PSoc1 development for embedded software in C and assembler and testbench development in C# and in the later end development for IMX6 in C++ v17.

He has been working remote all the time from his office in Estonia.

His skills are:

  • Solid engineer with excellent know-how in the embedded software field and deep knowledge of hardware.
  • Experienced PSOC developer.
  • Strong driver to both maintain his own work and planning in conjunction with the rest of the project and also add on and manage local work force for simpler assignments i.e. testing.
  • Good understanding of how to run projects and improve work teams.