Mini Controller GraDis

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Miniature control unit with 132×32 pixel graphical LCD with backlight, four buttons, 16 MBytes of serial Flash and Cypress PSoC5LE (ARM Cortex M3 CPU).

This is good starting point for prototyping an application where simple user interface is required. The device is powerful enough to be used in:

  • Hand-held instruments,
  • Home appliances,
  • Manufacturing devices,
  • Measurement devices,
  • Laboratory devices,
  • Medical devices,
  • Door controllers,
  • et cetera.

Using this quality verified device as embedded-platform together with GraDisLib template firmware will save roughly 60,000.00€ and a calendar-year of time of development expenses. We can provide with our partners high quality mass-production of the device in Estonia. License options are available.