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Here are the products that we are selling or reselling. We have been developing some of these. All prices are without VAT (which is very sales relation dependent). To order something, you can e-mail us for more information.



Constant Air-Flow Tunnel: TRAMFS160

This is air flow reference measure device. It helps to verify that your anemometers are fit to work. You can create constant air flow into tube and compare the reading of your device with the shown value. You can use it for training station for employees.

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Impeller Anemometer: TRAM160

Impeller anemometer for measurement air flow inside air tube with inner diameter of 160mm. It will show you air flow with precision of 5% from the reading, 2 readings per second. This anemometer is used inside TRAMFS160.

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gradis_v1p1p2 Miniature Control Unit GraDis v1.1.2

Miniature control unit with graphical LCD, four buttons, 16MBytes of serial Flash and Cypress PSoc5LE (ARM Cortex M3 CPU).

1 pc Price: 120.00€
For higher quantities ask for more info
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konstruktor Constructor GraDis Kit v1.1.2

Miniature control unit GraDis with other useful items to create ready to use device. Includes GraDis, case, buttons, matching board, e.t.c.

1 pc Price: 200.00€
For higher quantities ask for more info
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software GraDisLib v1.0.1

Library and Template project for GraDis miniature control unit. It contains LCD and other drivers, monochrome small footprint graphic library, Sprites for drawing pictures, Sprite-fonts with UTF-8 encoding support, Modbus registers model creation using C language rules, architecture for validation of parameter modifications and much more. Using this software together with the GraDis control unit will save roughly 60,000.00€ and a calendar-year of time of development expenses.

License Price: 2,000.00€
includes 2 months support
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