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Impeller Anemometer Experimentation

Project “TiivikAnemomeeter”


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During the project was made experiments with impeller anemometer designed by Tauria OÜ in Testing Centre of University of Tartu.

The goal of the project was to create certified precise measurement tool for airflow measurements inside ventilation ducts and a experimental apparatus based on it.

During the project, one precise certified measurement tool for airflow measurements was assembled. The project’s part in it was creation of certificate and development of calibration procedure. Wear effect and environmental effect on measurement results were investigated. It was made sure that the device is suitable for airflow measurements in rooms and the class of precision was identified. During the experiments, several experimental apparatus schematics were assembled and its minimal parameters were identified.

Project was partially funded by Enterprise Estonia from Innovation voucher and co-funded by European Regional Development Fund in amount of 4,000.00€.